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Friday, January 3, 2014, 10:25 am

Looking Ahead to Professional Learning Plans for 2014 and Beyond

January and February are busy months for data wrangling, budget planning, setting calendars, and planning professional learning for the coming year.  Here are some ideas to consider as you think about how to get the best professional learning embedded in your schools. 

Essential Resources for Professional Learning

Free, Web-based Resources - These excellent online resources can be used by groups of teachers or individual teachers can access them at any time.

·        Achieve the Core

·        Success at the Core

·        Teaching Channel

Regional Professional Learning Providers – Montana has a rich network of professional learning providers that are based in specific regions of the state.  We hope you will consider these providers, in addition to OPI staff and consultants, as your go-to sources for professional learning in our state.

Regional Education Service Areas (RESA)

·        PESA

·        MNCESR

·        MRESA3

·        RESA4U

·        WM-CSPD

Comprehensive System of Personnel Development

·        Region I

·        Region II

·        Region III

·        Region IV

·        Region V


Curriculum Consortia

·        Alliance for Curriculum Enhancement (ACE)

·        Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative

·        Missoula Area Curriculum Consortium

·        Montana Educational Consortium

·        Montana Small Schools Alliance

·        Northwest Montana Educational Cooperative

·        Prairie View Curriculum Consortium

·        Ravalli County Curriculum Consortium


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