Accreditation and Educator Preparation

Resource for Hiring Appropriately Licensed Teachers

Friday, April 25, 2014, 11:01 am

TEAMS now has a report that you will find extremely useful as you are advertising open positions for your schools.  The report is titled "NCES Course Codes and Endorsements List."  The report contains all of the Montana course codes and the Montana educator licenses and endorsements required to teach these courses. You may access this report by logging into TEAMS, or you may use the Guest sign in on the login page.  Click on the reports tab, select and download the report.

If you are considering hiring a teacher who has a license in another state, it is strongly recommended that the candidate provides his or her Montana license to you before you sign a contract.  If you have any questions about where a potential hire is in the licensure process, send an email to with an inquiry.

For more information, contact Teri Wing, 406-444-4436