Accreditation and Educator Preparation

Montana Educator Evaluation Systems

Friday, August 30, 2013, 10:11 am

Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) Chapter 55 Standards of Accreditation Revised are now in effect. Included in Chapter 55 are the revised standards relating to the evaluation process used in Montana schools, which outline the minimum guidelines and requirements of “The evaluation system used by a school district.” Click here to access state standards ARM 10.55.701 (4).

What does this mean to Montana school districts?

During the 2013-14 school year, every Montana school district is responsible for beginning to implement the requirements of ARM 10.55.701 (4)(a). As per this rule, all school districts must begin to ensure that the district’s local evaluation systems meet these state standards.

  • School districts may wish to use the District Optional Alignment Form, provided by OPI, in the efforts to begin the process of ensuring the local evaluation system meets the state standards.

As provided in 10.55.701 (4)(b), “model evaluation instruments” have been “developed and published” to assist school districts in meeting the state standards for evaluation. Click here to access the Montana Educator Performance Appraisal System (Montana-EPAS) Guides for Teacher and Principal Evaluation.

  •  School districts that volunteer to participate in the 2013-14 pilot of the state model or use the state model evaluation instruments in its entirety “shall be construed to have complied with this rule.” These districts are required to meet rule element (4)(a)(i) requiring evaluations of licensed staff “be conducted on at least an annual basis with regard to nontenure staff and according to a regular schedule adopted by the district for all tenure staff.”


  • School districts that use the Montana-EPAS only as a guide to review and revise the local evaluation system may wish to use the Optional Alignment Worksheet.

Beginning this fall, school districts will use the TEAMS system to report their status toward ensuring that their local evaluation systems meet these state standards.

TEAMS is the Terms of Employment, Accreditation and Master Schedule system that will collect the employment status of each employee of a district and other nonfiscal data; TEAMS will also replace the existing Annual Data Collection (ADC) system. 


For more information, contact Linda Vrooman Peterson, (406) 444-5726