Montana Moving to New High School Equivalency Exam in January

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
By Allyson Hagen

Montana Moving to New High School Equivalency Exam
Last Date for GED Testing in Montana is December 21

Helena, MT – In March of this year, the Board of Public Education supported a recommendation from Superintendent Juneau to enter into a contract with Educational Testing Service (ETS) to develop a new Montana High School Equivalency Exam, HiSET, to replace the GED test. December 21, 2013, will be the last day for GED testing in Montana as the state moves to the new HiSET exam. Beginning January 2, 2014, test takers will be able to combine individual GED subject test scores from 2002 to 2013 with HiSET scores if they are unable to complete all five sections of the GED test in 2013. Test takers should contact the testing centers nearest them to find out the last testing date in their area for the GED.

“Montanans who are looking to better their economic circumstances with a high school equivalency diploma are going to have a high quality, affordable option with the new HiSET exam,” said Superintendent Juneau. “We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for test takers, which is why it was important to allow them to combine their completed portions of the GED with the new HiSET exam.”

In March 2011, GEDTS announced that the new GED test available in 2014 would cost $120 and would only be computer-based. Any retakes of the exam would cost $24. Montanans currently pay $55 to take the GED exam and $7-$14 to retake portions of the exam.

In response, the Office of Public Instruction brought together a panel of experts from across the state to review proposals from three different vendors. These experts represented Adult Basic Education programs, Job Corps, GED examiners, Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Corrections and higher education. The panel also included a member of the Board of Public Education. The panel of experts recommended to Superintendent Juneau that Montana move forward with a contract with ETS.

ETS's HiSET exam will cost $50, and up to two retests in the same calendar year are included at no additional cost. Additionally, ETS will offer both a computer-based exam and a paper and pencil exam and allow the test to be administered at existing testing locations, ensuring a smooth transition to the new exam.

In addition to Montana, eight other states have made the decision to adopt the HiSET: Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Wyoming.

Test takers can find Montana-specific information, test preparation materials and practice tests and schedule an appointment at:

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