Juneau Appoints Members to Board Tasked with Flexibility Requests for Schools

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
By Allyson Hagen

Juneau Appoints Members to New Standards Review Board Tasked with Oversight of Innovation and Flexibility Requests for Public Schools 

Helena, MT – Today, Superintendent Denise Juneau announced the eight members who will serve on the newly-created Variances to Standards Review Board. The Review Board will provide guidance and develop procedures for requests for flexibility from Montana's Accreditation Standards for public schools.

Said Superintendent Juneau, "I am looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas that come from Montana's public schools to meet the needs of their students and communities." She continued, "This is an opportunity for our public schools to think outside the box and create new strategies that meet the needs of today's 21st century learners, while still maintaining the high quality education that Montana parents and communities have come to expect from our public schools."

Last September, the Board of Public Education adopted new rules that allow schools to apply for flexibility from accreditation standards by proposing alternative or innovative strategies that will make schools more efficient, make learning more effective and reflect their communities' priorities and needs.

The Review Board will meet at least twice per year to consider applications from schools and provide recommendations for approval, modification or rejection to Superintendent Juneau.

The Board consists of one trustee, one district superintendent, one high school principal, one elementary principal, two high school teachers and two elementary school teachers. As per the recently adopted rule, potential members were nominated by MEA-MFT, Montana Rural Education Association, Montana Small Schools Alliance, School Administrators of Montana and Montana School Boards Association. Superintendent Juneau appointed the eight members from those nominations.

The Variances to Standards Review Board will hold their first meeting in April of this year. The first applications for variances to the accreditation standards are due July 1, 2013.

Members of the Variances to Standards Review Board:
Fred Anderson, North Middle School principal, Great Falls
Mona Bilden, Miles City Public Schools elementary teacher, Miles City
Mary Jo Bremner, Browning High School teacher, Browning
John Fleming, St. Ignatius High School teacher, St. Ignatius
Paul Furthmyre, Anaconda High School principal, Anaconda
Anne Keith, Hyalite Elementary instructional coach, Bozeman
Tony Kloker, Montana City Elementary School superintendent, Montana City
Lance Voegele, Belgrade Public Schools trustee, Belgrade


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