Juneau Nominates Three Montana Schools for 2012 Blue Ribbon Schools Award

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
By Allyson Hagen

Juneau Nominates Three Montana Schools for 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award 

Helena, Mont. — Three Montana schools have been nominated for the 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award. Denise Juneau, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced the nominees Tuesday.  The schools selected are: Columbus High School in Columbus, Lincoln School in Great Falls and Montana City Elementary School in Montana City. 

The Blue Ribbon Schools program honors elementary and secondary schools that made significant progress in closing the achievement gap or whose students achieve at very high levels. All three Montana schools have been nominated in the Exemplary High Performing School category. “High performing” means (a) that the achievement of the school’s students in the most recent year tested places the school among the highest performing schools in the state on state assessments of reading and mathematics, and (b) disaggregated results for student subgroups, including students from disadvantaged backgrounds, must be similar to the results for all students tested.

"We nominated these great Montana schools and communities to serve as national models based upon their success," said Superintendent Juneau. "I am very proud of these schools as they reflect our statewide commitment to providing every child in Montana with a quality education."

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program is an effort to identify and share knowledge about the best school leadership and teaching practices and to set a standard of excellence for all schools striving for the highest level of achievement.

National Blue Ribbon School Awards will be announced in September of this year.
School contacts:

Columbus High School, Columbus
George McKay, Principal
(406) 322-5373

Lincoln School, Great Falls
Jon Konen, Principal
(406) 268-6819

Montana City Elementary School, Montana City
Steve Connole, Principal
(406) 442-6779 


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