FRIDAY: Learn & Serve Youth Leadership to Present Park Restoration Project

Thursday, July 29, 2010
By Jessica Rhoades


FRIDAY July 30 at 1:30p.m.


FRIDAY: Learn & Serve Youth Leadership to Present Park Restoration Project


Contact: Mary Ellen Earnhardt, Learn and Serve Program Coordinator, 406.461.7994
(HELENA) – Young Montana community service leaders will provide a field briefing to their peers on the successful Saddle Mountain Park restoration project in Montana City on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 1:30pm at Saddle Mountain Park.

WHO: Learn and Serve youth leaders and peers

WHAT: Presentation/training youth restoration project at Saddle Mountain Park in Montana City, as part of the Office of Public Instruction's 2010 Youth Leadership Training

WHEN: TOMORROW, Friday, July 30th – 1:30PM

WHERE: Saddle Mountain Park, Montana City

Saddle Mountain Park was donated to the citizens of Montana City as a memorial to a former resident.  Over time, the park fell into disrepair.   Local youth volunteers worked with scientists, community members, local government officials, and the Office of Public Instruction’s Learn and Serve initiative to restore the park.  As part of a peer training, the youth will host a presentation of their project.



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