Juneau Nominates 3 Montana schools for 2010 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
by Jessica Rhoades

Helena, Mont. — Three Montana schools have been nominated for the 2010 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award.

Denise Juneau, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced the nominees Tuesday. The schools selected are Gardiner High School in Gardiner, Elrod Elementary School in Kalispell, and Lakeside Elementary School in Lakeside.

The Blue Ribbon Schools program honors elementary and secondary schools that have high student performance in reading and math. It also recognizes schools that have at least 40 percent of their students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and have improved performance in reading and math and made significant progress in closing the achievement gap. "These schools demonstrate the type of academic growth that occurs when educators are committed to increasing student achievement," Juneau said.

"We nominated these great Montana schools and communities to serve as national models based upon their success," said Juneau. "We are very proud of these schools and believe they reflect the high quality of Montana's public school classrooms."

School contacts:

Marilyn Flammang, Principal
Gardiner High School
Gardiner, MT
Telephone: (406) 848–7261
E–Mail: mflammang@gardiner.org

Jeff Hornby, Principal
Elrod School
Kalispell, MT
Telephone: (406) 751–3700
E–Mail: hornbyj@sd5.k12.mt.us

John Thies, Principal
Lakeside Elementary School
Lakeside, MT
Telephone: (406) 844–2208
E–Mail: jthies@metnet.mt.gov


Jessica Rhoades
Communications Director
p: 406.444.3160
c: 406.431.0151
f: 406.444.9299

Montana Office of Public Instruction
Denise Juneau, Superintendent

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