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Montana Jobs for Teachers

Our new Jobs For Teachers site is designed to connect qualified teachers with job opportunities in Montana. Check it out today, your dream job may be just a click away! The on-line application is easy to use, and will be available to all Montana schools looking for someone with your qualifications.

Educators seeking employment can also view and apply for certificated K-12 positions in the classroom as well as administrative positions.

Fill teacher openings quickly and free. Broadcast your job listings to Montana's education community, and start hiring today!


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OPI recognizes that most Montana districts utilize the Jobs for Teachers website to post their openings.

OPI is very interested in providing advice to our teacher preparation programs on what positions are most often posted. Our hope is, with better documentation, to be able to better advise the state's preparation programs which teaching areas are needed in Montana and where in the state the job openings most commonly occur.

OPI will collect and store this data, and over the course of several years, show actual data based on the job openings you post here.

If you have filled a position and want your ad removed from our list, call us In-State Toll-Free 1-888-231-9393 ext 1626 (406-444-1626, Local) during normal business hours.


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This service is for Accredited Education Institutions. If you are an educational institution outside of the Montana Public K12 system, you may request access by e-mailing

Note: This service will send a notification for each application submitted, regardless of your districts current openings. We recommend that you subscribe a "non-personal" account that can accept e-mail related to job applicants. For example, would be the account that your HR director could visit. You can expect this account to receive 3 to 10 applications per day.


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Joe Demo Application

Joe Demo Application

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Take a look at Joe Demo's completed application. Print it out, see if your school district can use this universal application.


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In certain circumstances, your loan can be discharged/canceled. Read about cancellation provisions here.

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Get information about Montana Communities. This link takes you to a map that helps you find information on specific Montana cites. It includes a pull-down menu for cities that are not included in the map.

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Check out Montana teacher credentials! Connect directly to Montana Education Licensure's database of education professionals.

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wants to make American communities stronger. The Good Neighbor Next Door program is designed to further this goal by encouraging teachers to buy homes in low and moderate-income neighborhoods

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Educator Licensure

Montana state law provides that no person shall serve as an administrator, specialist, or instructor in an accredited school until he or she has obtained a Montana educator license.

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