I haven’t completed a teaching program but I would like to become a teacher in Montana. What steps do I have to take to become a teacher?

If you haven’t completed a teacher preparation program but do have a bachelor’s degree you can apply for a Class 5 provisional license. You will have to submit the application, official transcripts to verify you have a bachelor’s degree, a fingerprint background check, and a plan of study from a regionally accredited college or university which verifies you meet their criteria for enrollment and can complete a teacher preparation program within the next three years. This license will allow you to teach in the classroom for up to three years while you are completing your coursework. At the end of three years, if you have completed your teacher’s preparation program, you can update your license to a Class 2 standard teaching license or Class 1 professional teaching license. The Class 5 license is non-renewable and can only be held once per teaching career.