State of Montana’s Cooperative Purchasing Program

By law, tribal governments and Montana's political subdivisions may purchase supplies and services in cooperation with the State of Montana. Section 18-4-402, MCA permits local public procurement units to take advantage of the cost savings realized by the State's volume purchasing. Currently, cooperative purchasers may benefit by purchasing from the State of Montana’s Cooperative Term Contracts, the vehicle requisition time schedule, and participating in the ordering of certain commodities needed by the Montana Department of Transportation.

The State of Montana requires that interested school districts sign a Cooperative Purchasing Memorandum of Understanding prior to utilizing state contracts. This agreement must be signed by a school district official and returned via email, fax, or mail to the State Procurement Bureau. Approved school districts can purchase goods using the Montana eMarketCenter or can choose to purchase directly from the contract vendor.

Discount Programs

Disclaimer: There are no 'State of Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) discount programs.'   Discounts and discount programs may be provided by businesses and the terms of such discounts and discount programs are at the sole discretion of the business.  Persons with questions regarding participation, eligibility or resolving service concerns related to a discount or service should work directly with the vendor providing it.  This information is provided at the sole discretion of Montana OPI as a courtesy to students, families, districts, and schools, and may not list all discounts available, nor be up to date with the latest information.  Please contact the vendor directly for the latest information about discounts and services available. 

SketchUp Pro Montana K-12 Schools License Grant Program

SketchUp Pro is a 3D modeling and design software produced by Trimble. Trimble has a grant program that makes Sketchup Pro licenses available for free to qualified Montana K-12 Schools.

ESRI Schools Mapping Software Bundle and ArcGIS for Student Use

ESRI is a leading publisher of mapping and geographic information system (GIS) software tools. The company is now offering special no-cost licensing terms to qualified educational institutions and individuals for use in learning and scholarly research. Of interest to Montana schools and educators is the free School Mapping Software Bundle. ArcGIS for Student Use software is also free and available for students to use for personal, noncommercial projects