• School Elections Survey Questionnaire

  • This survey is being conducted by request of the State Administration and Veterans' Affairs Interim Committee (SAVA), which is tasked under HJ 3 (2019) to study accessibility for disabled electors. The purpose of this survey is to help SAVA understand how school districts are addressing accessibility for disabled electors and to identify challenges. Your answers to this survey will help ensure that the needs and perspectives of school districts are carefully considered as the committee discusses potential legislation for the 2020 legislative session.  Although questions will be asked about the general characteristics of your school district, you are not being asked to specifically identify your school district.  Your responses will be anonymous.

    The committee welcomes any additional information you may wish to provide for consideration. You are invited to send the information to the committee's staff, Sheri Scurr, at sscurr@mt.gov, or offer public comment at any of SAVA's upcoming meetings.  Meeting information is available at https://leg.mt.gov/committees/interim/2019sava/.  

    For further information, please feel free to contact the committee's staff, Sheri Scurr, at (406) 444-3596 or sscurr@mt.gov. Thank you for participating in this important survey.


    • Include all elections, whether the school or the county has conducted the election.
    • Do not include a cancelled election as a conducted election.

    • Please refer to the Registered Electors Report to identify the number of actual registered electors in your district and then select the appropriate range from the list.