What license should I apply for?

Class 2 standard teaching license: This is the license that new graduates and teachers who do not have a master’s degree and three years of teaching experience should apply for. To qualify you must have a bachelor’s degree and you must have completed a teacher’s preparation program which included student teaching. 

Class 1 professional license: if you have a master’s degree in an endorsable teaching area and 3 years of experience as a licensed and appropriately assigned teacher in an accredited K-12 school system you should apply for this license. 

Class 3 license: This is the license for administrators: Superintendents, Principals, and Supervisors. You must be able to qualify for a Montana Class 1 or 2 teaching license and have at least 3 years of experience as a classroom teacher in an accredited PK-12 school.

Class 4 license: This is the appropriate license if you want to teach career and technical education (CTE) classes. There are three types of CTE licenses

  • Class 4 A—this type of license is for teachers who currently hold another teaching license.
  • Class 4 B—this type of license requires a bachelor’s degree and 10,000 hours of verifiable experience in the area of requested endorsement.
  • Class 4 C—this type of license can be obtained if an applicant has at least 10,000 hours of verifiable experience.

Class 5 license: If you did not complete a teacher’s preparation program which included student teaching you should apply for this type of license. Also, if you are not a currently licensed out of state teacher and you do not have at least 6 semester credits earned from a regionally accredited college within the last 5 this is the license you will apply for. 

Class 6 License: For School Psychologists and School Counselors who are not also classroom teachers.

Class 7 license: This license is granted upon recommendation from a Montana tribe for Native American language and culture instruction only.

Class 8 license: This is the license for Dual credit teachers who are employed by a college or university and teaching classes for high school students who are earning both high school and college credits.