Montana's approach to providing educational services to high ability/high potential students involves adapting the systems through which education is normally offered; that is, many of these services can occur in a student's regular classroom, but the services must occur through planned and targeted strategies.                                                                                                        

Educators can use the OPI's planning guide to find research-based best practices in gifted education. Click the Serving Montana's High Ability/High Potential Students link to open the guide. Refer to the table of contents for quick links throughout the guide.

Related Pages in the Planning Guide

  • Building/revising a program in your school (pages 6-7)
  • Identifying high ability/high potential students (page 9-23)
  • Delivering services (pages 36-54)
  • Professional development (page 32-33)

Additional Resources

  • Regional Education Service Areas  (RESAs)
  •               (Planning Guide and Strategies)

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