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ANB-10 Day Rule

Q: Is a school district required to drop a student after 10 days of absence?

A:  No.  Trustees may adopt policies regarding penalties for behavior of students, including excessive absences.  However, the law does not require a district to de-enroll or drop a student for excessive absences.


Q: Can a student who has missed more than 10 consecutive days as of the official enrollment count dates be counted for state funding (ANB)?

A:  No.  MCA 20-9-311(6) says "When a pupil has been absent, with or without excuse, for more than 10 consecutive days, the pupil may not be counted for enrollment count used in the calculation of ANB unless the pupil resumes attendance prior to the day of the enrollment count."  That means, if the count date is the student's 11th day of absence, the district cannot count the student as enrolled for purposes of Average Number Belonging (ANB) for state funding.


Q:  If the student has indicated they are no longer enrolled as of the count date, can the student be counted for state funding (ANB) if they haven't been gone 10 days yet?

A:  No.  ARM 10.20.102(4) prohibits a district from counting a student who has enrolled in another district, will not resume attendance according to notification received by the district, has records transferred to another district, or otherwise cannot continue to attend.

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