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Seating Requirements on School Buses

School Bus Standards:  Page 84 Section B:  Seating Requirements 

Montana schools must follow Highway Safety Guideline #17, “Pupil Transportation

Safety,” as issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, states:

i. “Standing while school buses and school-charter buses are in motion should not

be permitted. Routing and seating plans should be coordinated so as to eliminate

passengers standing when a school bus or school-charter bus is in motion; and

ii. Due to variations in sizes of children of different ages, states and school districts

should exercise judgment in deciding how many students are actually

transported in a school bus or school-charter bus.”

b. School buses provide the safest form of pupil transportation. An integral part of

providing “safe” transportation in a school bus is that the passengers must be properly

seated. From a safety perspective, a person who is either standing or improperly

seated in a school bus is not afforded the benefits of the safety protection designed

into the vehicle and is in increased jeopardy of injury in the event of a crash or

extreme sudden driving maneuver.

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