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SMARTER Pilot Voluntary Participation - Spring 2013


Does participation in a Spring 2013 SMARTER pilot test mean we do not participate in the CRT?


No. Participation in the Spring 2013 SMARTER pilot Test as a school selected for the scientific sample or as a volunteer does NOT replace participation in the Spring 2013 CRT. Even for the selected schools for the scientific sample pilot test, a school is not required to participate in the pilot test. Participation in the pilot tests, scientific sample and voluntary, is the decision of the school; however participation will provide valuable feedback to SMARTER for the continued development of the assessment and the technology needed and an opportunity for schools to learn more about the logistics and item types of the SMARTER assessment scheduled for its first administration in the spring of 2015.  The CRT/CRT-Alt is required for spring 2013 and 2014.


Can we volunteer for more than one grade or subject and what if we volunteer and are part of the sample?


Volunteer schools are able to submit any number of their grades for participation, and may volunteer to participate in either or both subjects. They may indicate their selections by completing the online volunteer form at: However, if a volunteer school is also selected as part of the scientific sample, the grade (or grades) identified for the scientific sample will be required to follow the processes associated with the scientific study. Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) will contact sample schools to assign a testing window and notify them of the assessments they will administer.


We have not received any confirmation that the submission was accepted or approved; were we supposed to?

There’s no “acceptance,” per se. However, once a school submits an application, it is immediately logged. All of the schools that volunteer will be able to participate in the volunteer pilot. It is just important to note that volunteers will be taking a different version of the assessment—although it will be in the same online format—as the scientific sample population.


When do we have to be decided on being a volunteer school? 


Schools can continue to volunteer through the end of January, so they can take their time deciding whether they would like to volunteer or not.

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