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I keep getting disconnected after 30 minutes

Note:  The Montana Office of Public Instruction no longer has data entry applications that require the use of the Citrix client.

Connecting to Citrix applications is an automatic, two-step process.

  • Step One, the Gateway.  This is the web page that displays all the applications available to you.  The gateway has a 30 minute inactivity timer. The Gateway is run by the State of Montana's Information Technology Services Divsion (SITSD).
  • Step Two, the Application.  Once the gateway successfully connects you to our application server, the Gateway is no longer needed. The application server is run by the Office of Public Instruction.  The application server has no timeouts set. We have many remote employees who stay logged on all day using our Office applications.

Some of our applications may take more than 30 minutes to complete.  Users may get a notice, after 30 minutes, that they have been disconected from the Citrix Gateway.
This is NOT a notice that you've been disconnected from the application you are currently working on.

Had you been disconnected from the application, it would either disappear, stop working or appear to be 'locked,' it can not inform you that you've been disconnected because the link would be broken and no longer exist.

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