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School bus drivers with Diabetes

Employers of CDL drivers having diabetes can require that the driver see a doctor more often than annually. FMCSA Regulations §391.64 Grandfathering for certain drivers participating in vision and diabetes waiver study programs. (a) The provisions of §391.41(b)(3) do not apply to a driver who was a participant in good standing on March 31, 1996, in a waiver study program concerning the operation of commercial motor vehicles by insulin-controlled diabetic drivers; provided: (a)(1) The driver is physically examined every year, including an examination by a board-certified/eligible endocrinologist attesting to the fact that the driver is: (a)(1)(i) Otherwise qualified under §391.41; (a)(1)(ii) Free of insulin reactions (an individual is free of insulin reactions if that individual does not have severe hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unawareness, and has less than one documented, symptomatic hypoglycemic reaction per month); (a)(1)(iii) Able to and has demonstrated willingness to properly monitor and manage his/her diabetes; and (a)(1)(iv) Not likely to suffer any diminution in driving ability due to his/her diabetic condition. (a)(2) The driver agrees to and complies with the following conditions: (a)(2)(i) A source of rapidly absorbable glucose shall be carried at all times while driving; (a)(2)(ii) Blood glucose levels shall be self-monitored one hour prior to driving and at least once every four hours while driving or on duty prior to driving using a portable glucose monitoring device equipped with a computerized memory; (a)(2)(iii) Submit blood glucose logs to the endocrinologist or medical examiner at the annual examination or when otherwise directed by an authorized agent of the FMCSA; (a)(2)(iv) Provide a copy of the endocrinologist’s report to the medical examiner at the time of the annual medical examination; and (a)(2)(v) Provide a copy of the annual medical certification to the employer for retention in the driver’s qualification file and retain a copy of the certification on his/her person while driving for presentation to a duly authorized Federal, State or local enforcement official.

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