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Observing child's class

I am interested in observing in my daughter's science class periodically. Is there ever a reason a parent would be denied this opportunity?? I would not speak or assist or interrupt--simply there to observe. Thank you for your response! In Montana, we follow a model of strong local control over our schools. That means that, as a rule, the day-to-day operation of our schools is the responsibility of our boards of trustees and their administrators. In most districts, boards hire district superintendents to manage the district and principals to manage the individual schools. The trustees also establish policies for the operation of the schools. We suggest that you obtain a copy of school policy and see if this subject is addressed by board policy. If it is not addressed in the policy, you may want to discuss this matter first with the teacher to determine if the teacher has any objection. If necessary, then discuss the matter with the building principal or the district superintendent. The next and final step would be to discuss the matter with your board of trustees.

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