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School board meetings

If we feel that there are issues about how our school board meetings are being ran is there something we as a community and parents can do? **Example have someone take notes,or can we legally record the meetings so that what happens can accurately be recorded as our minutes often do not have all the details or comments from the public etc.  Is there someone from OPI that could observe? Can a board member make a motion to have the meetings recorded so that they can have accurate information to review?

OPI does not have any authority/jurisdiction over a local board of trustees and therefore there is no one at OPI that could observe meetings. If you have concerns about how the meetings are run you should address these concerns to the Board of Trustees. Minutes of meetings generally do not state everything in detail, but are a summary of what has occurred with a record of the official actions taken. I would recommend that you ask your local county attorney about whether or not you can record the meeting.

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