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Word Description
TAGLIT Taking a Good Look at Instructional Technology
TALES Technology and Learning in Every School
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TAP Test of Achievement an Proficiency
TASA Touchstone Applied Science Associates, Inc.
TASK Test of Academic Skills
TDD Telephone Devise for Deaf
TE Traffic Education
TEAC Teacher Education Accreditation Council
TEAM Technology Education Association of Montana
TEAMS Reports Terms of Employment, Accreditation and Master Schedule
TECHF State Technology - School finance term
TESA Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
TFS Trustees annual Financial Summary
TIF Teacher Incentive Fund
TIMSS Third International Mathematics and Science Study
TOE Terms of Employment (TOE) data
TP Tech Prep
TPD Teacher's Placement Division
TRANPP Transportation Prepayment - School Finance term
TRB Transportation Research Board
TRS Teacher Retirement System
TRT Technology Readiness Tool Visit for more information.
TSA Technology Student Association
TUIGF Tuition - School Finance term