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Word Description
M.A. Master's of Arts
M.S. Master of Science
M.U.S.T. Montana Unified School Trust
M2SC Montana Mathematics and Science Coalition
MAA Mathematics Association of America
MAACE Montana Association of Adult and Community Education
MAAE Montana Alliance for Arts Education
MAAS Montana Alternative Assessment School
MABE Montana Association of Bilingual Education
MABLE Montana Adult Basic and Literacy Education
MAC Montana Arts Council
MACIE Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education
MACSS Montana Association of County Superintendents of Schools
MACTE Montana Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
MAEA Montana Art Education Association
MAEFAIRS Montana Automated Education Finance and Information Reporting System
MAEMSP Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals
MAFCS Montana Association of Family and Consumer Science
MAFHA Montana Association of Future Homemakers of America
MAGIE Montana Agriculture Implement Exposition
MAGTE Montana Association of Gifted and Talented Education
MAHPER Montana Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
MAHPERD Montana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
MALT Montana Association of Language Teachers
MAP Montana Advocacy Program
MAPA Montana Association of Presidential Awardees
MAPS Media Arts in the Public Schools
MAPT Montana Association for Pupil Transportation
MAR Montana Administrative Register
MARS Mathematics Assessment Resource Service
MARS (iAnalyze) Montana Analysis and Reporting System (iAnalyze)
MASBO Montana Association of School Business Officials
MASC Montana Association of Student Councils
MASCD Montana Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
MASP Montana Association of School Psychologists
MASS Montana Association of School Superintendents
MASSP Montana Association of Secondary School Principals
MAT Metropolitan Achievement Test
MATE Montana Agra-Trade Exposition (held in Billings in Feb.)
MATELA Montana Association of Teachers of Language Arts
MATF Montana Association of Teachers of French
MATFCS Montana Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Science
MATG Montana Association of Teachers of German
MAVICA Montana Association of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
MBCC Montana Board of Crime Control
MBEA Montana Business Education Association
MBI Montana Behavioral Initiative
MCA Montana Communities in Action
MCA (Legal) Montana Code Annotated. The Montana statutes, i.e., Montana law.
MCA (Psyc) Montana Counseling Association
MCASE Montana Council of Administrators of Special Education
MCCSM Montana Common Core Standards for Mathematics
MCEC Montana Council of Exceptional Children
MCEL Montana Conference of Educational Leadership
MCP Montana Community Partners
MCS Montana Content Standards (this encompasses all Montana content strndards, not just the English Language Arts and Math that are based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) initiative)
MCSSW Montana Council of School Social Workers
MCTM Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MCTSS Montana Council of Teachers for the Social Studies
MDC Montana Developmental Center
MEA-MFT Montana Education Association-Montana Federation of Teachers
MEEA Montana Environmental Education Association
METNET Montana's Educational Telecommunications Network
MFE Made For Excellence (conducted in state by a National Staff)
MFEA Montana Forensics Educators Association
MGA Montana Geographic Alliance
MGGA Montana Grain Growers Association
MHESAC Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation
MHSA Montana High School Association
MIEA Montana Indian Education Association
MISTA Montana Improving Schools Through Accreditation
MITEA Montana Industrial Technology Education Association
MLA Montana Library Association
MMASS Montana Mathematics and Science Society
MMSAC Montana Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee
MMSEP Montana Motorcycle Safety Education Program
MNA Montana Nurses Association
MNCESR Montana North Central Educational Service Region
MNETC Montana Nutrition Education and Training Coordinator
MontCAS Montana Comprehensive Assessment System
MontSASE Montana State Accountability System for Education
MPEA Montana Public Employee Association
MPRRC Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center
MPTA Montana Parent Teacher Association
MPTF Montana Parent Teacher Foundation
MQEC Montana Quality Education Coalition
MREA Montana Rural Education Association
MSAC Montana Science Advisory Council
MSASE Montana State Accountability System for Education
MSBA Montana School Boards Association
MSBCA Montana School Bus Contractors Association
MSBDA Montana School Bus Drivers Association
MSCA Montana School Counselors Association
MSCA-CD Montana School to Civilian Authorities-Counterdrug Operations
MSDB Montana School for the Deaf and Blind at Great Falls
MSEAC Montana Special Education Advisory Council
MSELC Montana Schools eLearning Consortium
MSERM Montana Special Education Reference Manual (1994). The abbreviation contains state and federal statutes and regulations related to special education.
MSF Motorcycle Safety Foundation
MSFA Montana Science Fair Association
MSFSA Montana School Food Service Association
MSG Montana Stockgrowers Association
MSI Montana Science Institute
MSLC Montana State Library Commission
MSLHA Montana Speech, Language & Hearing Association
MSO Montana Special Olympics
MSP Math and Science Partnership
MSRC Montana State Reading Council
MSSA Montana Small Schools Alliance
MSSF Montana School Services Foundation
MST Montana Spanish Teachers
MSTA Montana Science Teachers Association
Mt. L&R Montana Laws and Rules. Replaced by MSERM in 1994, this document contains older, outdated regulations and policy.
MTATA Montana Athletic Trainers' Association
MTDA Montana Digital Academy
MTEA Montana Traffic Education Association
MTF Montana Tobacco-Free Coalition
MTFSEI Montana Tobacco Free School of Excellence Initiative
MTSBA Montana School Board Association
MTY Montana Teacher of the Year
MUS Montana University System
MVA Montana Vocational Association
MVATA Montana Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association
MVD (Montana) Motor Vehicle Division (Department of Justice)
MWIEA Montana Wyoming Indian Education Association