The 2003 Montana Legislature enacted Senate Bill 81 to provide special recognition in the form of an Honorary High School Diploma to certain veterans. The State of Montana recognizes the important contributions and sacrifices veterans made in the defense of our nation in awarding this honor.

During WWII, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War, thousands of young men and women across this country left high school before compvetsleting the requirements for their high school diploma to serve in the military. At an age where most are concerned about proms, football games, and graduation parties, WWII veterans were landing at Omaha Beach or Guadalcanal, flying bombing runs over Germany, or imprisoned for months or even years as POWs on hostile, foreign soils.

Upon returning home, many of these veterans were not able to finish high school for a variety of reasons. They led productive lives and built our communities over their lifetime. These veterans have made significant contributions to this country while gaining substantial knowledge and skills through work.

The issuance of an honorary high school diploma by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction recognizes that what our veterans did not get in the school classroom, they learned in the classroom of life.




To be eligible for an Honorary High School Diploma, the veteran must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a current or former Montana resident
  2. Did not receive a high school diploma
  3. Actively served in the United States armed services during one of the following periods:
    • World War II from 1939 through 1947
    • Korean War from 1950 through 1953
    • Vietnam War from 1961 through 1975
  4. Was honorably discharged; or was released from active duty because of a service-related disability


Application Information

  • The application form may be completed by the veteran or by an immediate family member on his/her behalf if the person is deceased or incapacitated.
  • A copy of the veteran's discharge from military service indicating honorable service between the dates specified above must be provided.
  • The applicant's signature certifies the application information.
  • Mail completed application with a copy of military discharge to:
    Montana Office of Public Instruction
    Attn: TJ Eyer - Veteran's Honorary Diploma
    PO Box 202501
    Helena, MT 59620-2501

Download application form


Replacement of Discharge Papers from Military Service


A veteran or next of kin may request a copy of the veteran's discharge from military service from the National Personnel Records Center.

All requests must be made in writing using "Standard Form 180 "Request Pertaining to Military Records".

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100