All students deserve the chance to graduate and be prepared for college or to enter the workforce. Too many students leave our schools without the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. With a onetime multiple million dollar funding from the Federal Government, we are able to provide more support from the state level than has ever been available.

Through the focus of raising student achievement scores, this grant opportunity will provide more teacher, staff and administration development. School board members and community can benefit from gaining knowledge of laws, policies and opportunities to build up the entire community. While the funding for this grant has been limited and is sun-setting, we hope that there is lasting change to build a bright and promising future for our students.




The Schools of Promise was funded through the 1003(g) Title I grant for two separate cohorts. Initial funding in 2009, was dedicated for three years, but with fiscal conservation and planning, the grants extended an additional year to serve students into the 2013-2014 school year. Schools districts served in the initial grant were: Frazer Public Schools, Lame Deer Public Schools, Lodge Grass Public Schools, and Pryor Public Schools.

2014-2015 allowed for Montana to continue working with Hays Lodge Pole school district, and again, funding has stretched into a 4th year allocation.

Through multi-state advocacy, the last round of grants included a pre-implementation year in which school districts could take the opportunity to prepare for the intense demands of the federal grant requirement, and Heart Butte Schools will be able to utilize this funding to support student success into the 2018-2019 school year and possibly beyond.

Additional data and information about the schools can be found on the data page.