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Become a Professional Development Provider (for more than one event)

The Renewal Unit Provider web-based system gives organizations an online method of listing renewal unit classes and professional development training opportunities for Montana licensees as authorized under Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 10.55.714, and ARM 10.57.215 through 216.  Entities eligible to provide renewal units are: governmental agencies, accredited schools and school districts, accredited colleges and universities and approved professional education organizations.  These entities offer classes/training to educators and wish to grant renewal units to the participants (licensees).  The participants may use the renewal units to meet their license renewal requirements and, in some instances, to meet their school’s requirement for professional development and movement on the salary schedule.  Approved providers are granted the ability to log into the system through a portal on the opi.mt.gov website.  Once approved, the providers enter their events directly into the system prior to the actual training date(s).  Upon training completion, the provider logs back into the system and updates the event information for each date the training was given.

An approved provider agrees to adhere to the professional development rules as defined in ARM 10.55.714 , and ARM 10.57.215 through ARM 10.57.216.

Renewal Unit Providers must enter information for their agency, college, school or professional organization and provide contact information for at least one individual responsible for administering the process.  Providers submit this information to the Educator Licensure Department at the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) for approval to provide renewal unit classes/training for educators.  Once OPI staff approves the provider, the provider then has the ability to enter training events into the system that they are going to provide.  Renewal unit certificates are generated from this information, by the provider to the educator that successfully completes the professional development training.

In rare occurrences, an organization is denied "provider status".  Those organizations may appeal the Superintendent’s decision to the Board of Public Education.


Provide Professional Development for a Single Event:

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