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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

    Last week the OPI held larger scale ESSA presentations in Great Falls, Glendive and Billings. The meetings gave in-depth information on the topics being revised and updated for the new draft plan, and attendees included community members, educators, administrators, representatives from our congressional delegation, and more.  We appreciate your help getting the word out and participating.  We have also visited schools and communities to have ESSA discussions across the state. ESSA Meetings/Discussions since January 2017

    The webinars and guiding documents are posted and we have been reviewing the feedback and input received from you.  We would appreciate feedback by July 6th, but will continue to accept feedback and input throughout the summer.  We will hold conference calls and focus groups over the next two weeks to further discuss topics that have come up in the feedback from statewide meetings, presentations and webinars on the OPI website. Upcoming Webinar Schedule

    Three of the states that submitted their plans have received feedback and we are thoroughly reviewing it to gain further understanding of the expectations of the peer reviewers and the Department of Education.  The common theme seems to be that the peer reviewers want clarity and further details.  The Department of Education also issued a FAQ sheet on June 16th that clarifies the Secretary’s roles and responsibilities and more.  It states that once the plan is returned to us we have 15 days to revise the plan or will need to ask for an extension. 

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Goodbye NCLB, Hello ESSA!

Goodbye NCLB, Hello ESSA! PowerPoint