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Curriculum & Assessment: Mathematics

On November 4, 2011, Montana adopted the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practices and Mathematics content with the addition of Indian Education for All statements.
Getting Ready
A plethora of information and resources are available on Montana Common Core Standards and Assessment webpage

  • Timelines, Fact Sheets, Implementation Plan and curriculum resources.
  • Standards documents in various K-12 and grade level forms, Mathematical Practices, High School course models and resources specific to standards for Mathematical Practices and content.
  • Professional Development Resources: Getting Ready Webinar, Overview, mathematics and assessment PowerPoints, facilitator guides and materials.
  • Assessment information and resources.

Due to the fact new resources are available on a daily basis and this is an evolutionary process, please check the Montana Common Core Standards and Assessment webpage often

Thank you for accepting and taking seriously the responsibility to strengthen and support students' and others' mathematical competence; because we live in a world where mathematical competence presents opportunities for prosperous futures.

Contact: Jean Howard, Mathematics Curriculum Specialist, 406.444.0706

Standards, Curriculum and Assessment Resources

Lessons, Activities and Tools



Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)Montana website or National website for information about this prestigious Award.

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