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What Business Leaders Should Know

The Montana Common Core Standards will boost Montana’s long-term economic competitiveness because students will graduate from high school with real-world skills they need to be successful in college and the workforce.
The standards reflect the knowledge and skills that students need to be successful in the 21st century economy such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, research and use of technology.

The standards are higher and clearer than our previous math and English Language Arts standards and provide a grade-by-grade pathway that gives all students an opportunity for a high quality education. Rigorous standards will enable businesses in Montana to draw from local talent to meet the needs of the continuously evolving 21st century workplace.  


FAQs about the Montana Common Core Standards
Frequently Asked Questions about the Smarter Balanced Assessment

U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation Common Core E-Toolkit
The Business for Core toolkit is designed to help business leaders communicate with peers, employees and others about the Common Core Standards and assessments.

Business Center for a College- and Career-Ready America
This website provides information and resources for business leaders interested in finding out more about the Common Core State Standards and getting involved in supporting college and career readiness for all students.