Class 4 Career and Technical Certification Areas

Computer Information Systems

An instructor endorsed in Computer Information Systems will demonstrate a basic knowledge including all and exhibit expertise in a majority of the following topics:

  • Network architecture, system configuration, administration, and support.
  • Computer organization, architecture, and operating systems.
  • Computer and network security including cryptography, operating system security, and intrusion detection and prevention.
  • Programming skills—knowledge of one or more computer languages (i.e. C++, JAVA, Visual Basic).
  • Database concepts, management structures, analysis; database management.
  • Software management systems and data communications.
  • Website design methodology and applications appropriate for secondary level, including HTML/XHTML.
  • Technical writing and documentation skills necessary for information systems.

If you have at least 10,000 hours (5 years or more) of experience including all or most of the skills listed above please complete the Class 4 application.