Requirements for Montana Class 8 Dual Credit Post-Secondary Faculty Educator Licensure

  1. Verification of faculty employment from the Chief Academic Officer or an appropriate official of the employing regionally accredited college or university; ARM 10.57.437
  2. Recommendation from the Chief Academic Officer from a regionally accredited college or university verifying the applicant plans to teach in a subject covered by the K-12 endorsement areas in ARM 10.57.438, and will teach a subject in which the applicant has a major or minor; and the applicant demonstrates adequate education and experience to instruct dual enrollment courses. ARM 10.57.437

Other Information:

  • Class 8 dual credit license applications will be reviewed quarterly by the Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council for recommendation regarding issuance of the license by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • For questions regarding these considerations please call us at 406-444-3150.

Paper Application: Please click the link below for the current application.  Include all required documents (third bulleted item on application) when submitting your application; also, make sure you have completed all items on the application checklist.  Failure to do so will result in delaying your application for review and consideration.

Class 8 Dual Credit Post-secondary Faculty License Application

Class 8 Renewal Application