Requirements for Montana Class 3 Administrator - Supervisor Endorsement

  1. This administrative supervisor endorsement is issued in specific fields such as math, music, and school counseling.
  2. Completion of a supervisor preparation program which is accredited by NCATE, CAEP, or is a state approved program from a regionally accredited college or university.
  3. Completion and verification of a Master’s Degree in the area requested for endorsement.
  4. Three years teaching experience as an appropriately licensed and assigned teacher in a state accredited PreK-12 or K-12 school setting.
    Important Considerations:
  • Montana DOES NOT have reciprocity with any other state in regards to educator licensure. Therefore even though you may have been a licensed educator or administrator in another state, if you do not meet all of requirements above, you will not qualify for Class 3 Educator licensure in Montana.
  • If you completed an alternative educator preparation program in another state, your program may not meet the requirements for licensure in Montana and therefore you may not qualify for Class 3 licensure. Your educator preparation program’s accreditation status must be verified on a University Recommendation form and submitted for review.
  • You must qualify for a Montana teaching license to be considered eligible for an administrative license in Montana. Please review the requirements for teacher’s licensure on our website at
  • For questions regarding these considerations please call us at 406-444-3150.

Online Application: Please use this link to access our online application system. You will be required to set up an account and then the application wizard will take you through the steps of submitting your Montana educator’s license application.

Class 3 Administrators License: Supervisor Endorsement - online application

Required documents for Online applications: all application materials below must be submitted before your application can be processed.

**Don’t forget to send your original transcripts. Escripts can be sent directly from the college or university to

**Also, please send a copy of your current out of state license if applicable.

Mail all hard copy documents to:

Montana Office of Public Instruction
Attn. Educator Licensure
PO Box 202501
Helena, MT 59620

Questions: Please call us at 406-444-3150

Paper Application: if you choose to apply with this application, all forms within this application must be completed and returned before your application will be processed.

If you are not a currently licensed out-of-state teacher and have not earned 6 semester credits of college coursework during the last 5 years you should apply for a Class 5 License. Also, if you do not meet the Praxis testing requirements for Montana licensure but are a Montana resident or have been hired by a Montana school you should apply for a Class 5 License.