Can I work as a Principal or Superintendent while I earn my administrative license with the endorsement?

Yes, you can earn your Class three license with an administrative endorsement while you are working in two different ways. You can do so through an internship or with a Class 5 provisional license. An internship is an agreement between your school, the college, and yourself. The internship is granted for one year and can be offered for 2 additional years as long as you are making adequate progress towards the completion of your program. A class 5 provisional license to add the endorsement would require you to work with a college to get a plan of study verifying that you meet admission requirements and can complete your program for an administrative license with a principal or superintendent’s endorsement within three years. If you choose this option you can indicate you wish to apply for the Class 5 provisional license on the administrative licensure application for a principal endorsement or superintendent endorsement.

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